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We are a Global consultancy firm focused on providing world class programme and project management consultancy, training and business consultancy. At Keywest consulting, we focus on a process-based approach to programme and project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects to help Organizations generate revenue. We provide a unique and diverse, management expertise to clients in every sphere of public and private sector.

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  • Keywest software

    I attended the Keywest software testing course because I needed a career change,it was the right decision to make to bridge the gap between where I am and where I wanted to be,the support after the course and when I got the job offer was excellent!

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  • Compare my experience

    I will compare my experience to the difference between being able to drive a car and passing a driving theory test....the class is an eye opener focusing more on the hands on experience and not the theory in a Prince 2 class.....Comprehensive pratical session! 5 star!

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  • Project management

    Project management made easy,even a dummy will understand class course delivery with a simple and friendly approach.

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  • Different trainings

    Iv been to different trainings and I find keywest PSO training different,the soft skills aspect of the class is an icing on the cake and gave me the heads up to work efficiently in my project team......great value course!

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  • Project Planning

    I was referred to attend the Project Planning Course by a friend 2 years ago and it certainly was one of the best decisions taken so earning power has improved drastically...thank you KWC!

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