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This course is aimed at anyone, whether new to UX or looking to sharpen your skillset and learn about the latest UX disciplines. You may be looking to improve how you work with your UX teams and external agencies or searching for best practice methods that will help embed the UX process into your workflow or organisation.

During the course you’ll complete several practice projects designed to build your skills, confidence and experience in the core UX techniques.

  • How to identify the needs and goals of your users
  • How to plan researches
  • The UX stages, processes, tools and deliverables
  • UX Activities : Toolkit, design workshops, product definition, mental models, design concepts, ideation, wire framing, prototyping, expert evaluation, usability testing, customer feedback
  • Analyse Data
  • Measure success
  • Usability testing and UX design theory
  • Communicate findings: Present to stakeholders and put together the right types of research deliverables
  • How to promote UX in your workplace
  • Best practice methods that will help embed the UX processes into your workflow, business or organisation

Course Curriculum

Plan research
Choose UX activities
Analyse data
Measure success
Communicate findings
Promote UX across your organisation
  • £650.00

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